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A fountain of wisdom needs a continulus supply of water called knowledge or else it will start to dry up. Only by making good use of knowledge and providing to yourself an abundant supply, will a fountain of wisdom continue to enrich your life. by Master Ryuho Okawa

‎"I do not want the peace that passeth understanding, I want the understanding which bringeth peace" - Helen Keller Choose Peace Always

My eyes constantly smile when they see yours. There is no denying the love held between the two of us.


I didn't think it was possible to get knocked down any lower and then he proved me wrong but I'm clawing my way back and I will stand taller, stronger and prouder then I ever thought possible. You just watch me.

Laws of Modern Man

For one minute walk outside, stand there, in silence, look up at the sky, and contemplate how amazing life is

Everything is a choice. - https://themindsjournal.com/everything-is-a-choice/

Everything is a choice.

Everything is a choice. - https://themindsjournal.com/everything-is-a-choice/


Faith is being certain of what we do not see. Tap to check out more inspirational quotes and sayings. *verse of the day, bible art, daily bread, inspiration, encouragement*

How i feel right about now

I'm praying we get a second chance one day.Sometimes all you need is a second chance, because time wasn't ready for the first one

When life hands you lemons - http://www.loveoflifequotes.com/funny/life-hands-lemons/

When Life hands your lemons make a Gin and Tonic print from Dear Colleen on Etsy.