near the edge of the world - layered kite installation by jacob hashimoto

the monumental tapestries are a densely layered fusion of image and pattern - generating a continuously shifting illusion of light, space and motion.

art basel - jacob hashimoto

This second edition of my visit to Art Basel Miami this past December groups together another artistic theme which I’m calling “collected & collaged”.


Jacob Hashimoto, US Idling in the Depths of Memory_Jacob Hashimoto is an artist based in New York. Drawing on his Japanese heritage, he creates light three-dimensional structures such as wall hangings comprising thousands of miniature 'kites':

Jacob Hashimoto | The Gorgeous Daily

"Hashimoto redefines Japanese screen painting with his assemblages of paper 'kites' in undulating, interactive compositions.

Arches no.6  Oil on wood Sarah Golden

Arches no.6 - oil on wood

Arches Oil on wood Sarah Golden

Jacob Hashimoto

Jacob Hashimoto