Jason Todd Ongoing Petition by jiuge

Portrait: Jason Todd Ongoing Petition - Portrait by Yang Fan, USA.

Cassandra Cain ink by AaronNSN.deviantart.com on @deviantART #geek #dccomics #blackbat

This style of art by Aaron Naluz makes for a hauntingly perfect Cassandra Cain, aka Batgirl and the Black Bat.


Time Passed By by FermiumIce. Dick Grayson as Robin, enter Barbra, exit Robin…

Red Hood (The First Insurgent) - Injustice Fanon Wiki

Red Hood (The First Insurgent)

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Nightwing I just love the hell out of Dick Grayson. - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Batman's alternate universe... please tell me this is in comic form somewhere. I need this in my life.

Funny pictures about Batman's Alternate Universe Story. Oh, and cool pics about Batman's Alternate Universe Story. Also, Batman's Alternate Universe Story photos.

#brujay# 一睡醒就摸起了杂鱼(迷思 来自水草扣肉 - 微博

#brujay# 一睡醒就摸起了杂鱼(迷思 来自水草扣肉 - 微博

Batman warning Robin about the Joker - Red Hood DC Universe

Previous Pinner: Batman warning Robin about the Joker - Red Hood: The Lost Days. No Joker in the strip, but all about him. Jason Todd being one of my favorite characters.

Three versions of Jason: before Robin, as Robin, after Robin. The last bit breaks my heart. Jason could have done so much, but Joker took his light future away from him and instead pushed him towards the darkness.

Three versions of Jason Todd: before Robin, as Robin and as Red hood. Joker was my favourite villan until he kill Jason (Robin)