Katharina for Playing Fashion is captured by Kim Jakobsen wearing amazing accessories courtesy of Tomihiro Kono. The beautiful colorful eye makeup is created by Thomas Kluyver, who uses yellows, blues, black and pinks to create these stunning avant garde makeup looks.

Katharina by Kim Jakobsen To for Playing Fashion September 2010 by AlejandraUrdan

pretty harlequin clown makeup ideas - Google Search

Traum Versunken by Silent View (Silent Order) - Fashion Photography - Dolls - Marionettes - Puppets - Halloween concept ideas

Sporting one of the most eccentric floral crowns on the market, Michelle Harper is fashion fearless as ever in a metallic ensemble. Shop: floral crowns and hairbands

PIERS ATKINSON Embroidered felt and tulle beret

Piers Atkinson - Embroidered felt and tulle beret