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Todas las bibliotecas guardan grandes obras maestras en su interior. Algunas de ellas son obras maestras en sí mismas. Estas son algunas de ellas: 1. Biblioteca José Vasconcelos, México D.F....

21 imperdibles bibliotecas alrededor del mundo

#Curved #Glass #Roof #Frankfurt #Airport #Terminal #FRA | kelox | VSCO Grid

#Curved #Glass #Roof #Frankfurt #Airport #Terminal #FRA | kelox | VSCO Grid

cyber Tokyo / sci fi / city lights / digital art

Neo Tokyo inspiration - mixing the old in with the new, traditional Japanese buildings shown down at the ground level in amidst the bright street lights from all the street vendors and businesses. Set to a backdrop of towering sky-scrappers plunging into

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ArtStation - Conceptual Architecture Design, James Paick To look: Creative theme - Future, sci-fi archi Painting technique

Cyberpunk City, Future City, Science Fiction, City Scene, Shadowrun, Concept Art, Digital Art, Sci Fi, Environment