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Fire at Marlborough Street, 1975 by Stanley J. Forman || Real photo. Fall from the fifth floor - younger girl survived. Author won a Pulitzer Prize for this photograph in 1976.

Every World Press Photo Winner From 1955-2011

Boston Fire 1976 Pulitzer Prize, Spot News Photography, Stanley J. Forman, Boston Herald American 2 girls fall from burning building

March 30, 1981 — Assassination attempt on President Reagan

Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy clutching his stomach after being shot during the assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan [[MORE]] VIDEO FOOTAGE Timothy J. “Tim” McCarthy (born June is the current Chief of police of Orland Park,.

Catholic girls!  At the rate she's going, this will end up being my daughter on her First Communion!

Tooo funny - reminds me of my First Holy Communion - except I wanted to make that face after I got the wafer on my tongue but didn't or I would be threatened by nasty look from Sister Madeline!

Marc Ribaud :日本(Japan),1958 | 公衆電話と女の子(Public telephone and a girl)

22 Imagens que mostram como as crianças de hoje são diferentes das de antigamente

ESPONTÀNIA: gary winogrand photos | Garry Winogrand (Nueva York, 1928 – 1984), fue un fotógrafo ...

Garry Winogrand, fotógrafo callejero.

New York vers 1955 Garry Winogrand Tirage gélatino-argentique. The Garry Winogrand Archive, Center for Creative Photography, The University of Arizona. © The Estate of Garry Winogrand, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

Police shield

This photo makes the police seem very menacing and scary. The only things you see are the riot shield and guns coming through the smoke. Any human elements are hidden by masks and smoke. Hiding information makes this photo seem scary.

Grandmother & punk rocker hanging out funny

♥ this, generations, punk meets old woman, faces style, photo b/w

Balancing baby with circus seal

Strange B&W Photo - 1933 - of seal balancing a baby doll at the circus while amazed children look on.

Young Woman Kissing a Soldier Good-Bye

Way to go best bud helping out your friend's short sweet heart! Picture shows a woman (Martha O'Driscoll) Kissing a soldier good-bye before leaving for WWII. She is being held up by another soldier and kissing a boy through the back of a truck.

Id, Ego & Superego.

Some vintage adrenaline. Acrobats balance on top of the Empire State Building 1934 - New York City

***CLICK IMAGE*** Bridge by Dennis Jirasuwankij #architecturephotography #photography

AKA Rama 8 Bridge in Bangkok, Thailand by Dennis Jirasuwankij. More on Bangkok at The Culture Trip Balance

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billyjane: An old fave from liquidnight,that book is still on my wishlist;] France, circa 1930 From The Face in the Lens: Anonymous Photographs by Robert Flynn Johnson

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