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1 - Keep a one-sentence journal. 2 - Start writing my-kus. 3 - Write a description. 4 - Create a quote book. 5 - Send a letter. 7 - Draft a story.

Crandall typewriter - 1886 | Collectors Weekly

The Crandall New Model is one of the most beautiful typewriters ever made. It has a wonderful curved and ornate Victorian design and is lavishly decorated with hand painted roses, accented with mother-of-pearl. Crandall Machine Company, Croton, New York

Remington Rand 5 Manual Typewriter With Colored by BrooklynRetro

Remington Rand 5 Manual Typewriter With Colored Keys from BrooklynRetro on Etsy

typing is in the pink?

To know more about Royal Vintage Pink Royal Typewriter, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over other Royal items too!

sparkle ☆ perfect in electric blue or silver

39 easy DIY ways to create art for your walls. SO MANY GOOD IDEAS. The sequin wall is totally happening in my next home office!

Antigas Máquinas de Escrever

Remington and rose - 5 x 5 romantic, sweet fine art photography print - vintage light blue typewriter with pink rose

Evinizde Pastel Huzuru | Yaşam Tonu Çalışma Alanları

A cute white desk with a pink handle. A white vase of pink flowers and a romantic style desk chair in the colors of white and pastel mint. + A big pink heart decal! what a lovely office!

Collectors Dream 1958 PINK Royal typewriter in by Lavendernlace, etsy

Collectors Dream 1958 PINK Royal typewriter, in pristine condition, in original case with original manuel