Garden Gate, Regents Park, London, England >> beautiful (the secret garden)

Out-House in case inside pluming goes bad..  added Holly Hocks just for

❤ Ahhhhh memories of Country Life. I hated going to the out house, I mean outdoor toilet.

A Place in the Country

harvest Reminds of Joseph's dream. He dreamed that he and his brothers each had a sheaf, but all the brother's bundles bowed before his. This was the dream that brought about his brothers selling Joseph to the traders, eventually into slavery.

Country Apple Orchard

~ wonderful memories of apple picking! - With the arrival of rains and falling temperatures autumn is a perfect opportunity to make new plantations

❀ ❋ ❁ Delightful ✾ ❁ ❃  The grass sure looks greener over there!

Brown wears a light colored coat as she takes in the flowers in the field beyond the fence. Spring is always joyful with just a nip in the air.

Hilltop, Sawrey in the Lake District. The home of Beatrix Potter.

Beatrix Potter's Cottage

Hill Top Farm - Beatrix Potter wrote many of her famous children’s stories in this little house and it has been kept exactly as she left it, complete with her furniture and china. There is a traditional cottage garden attached.