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Williams-Sonoma Coffee Tins by Pavement Coffee tins created for Williams-Sonoma's exclusive coffee collection. The titling was inspired by script found on vintage Italian coffee packaging.

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Caribou Coffee © Colle+McVoy, best coffee place chain category, daily quiz, great atmosphere, no burned taste like Starbucks.

Elements of Islay: 日本パッケージデザイン協会の新着ニュースなどブログ

The Elements of Islay is a series of three whiskeys from Speciality Drinks Ltd. Beside the whiskey content from Ardbeg, Caol Ila, and Laphroaig it is the labels and bottles that make the series stand out.

Japanese liquer

This white label makes the bottle to look sophisticated and it is also a very clean design.

Advertisement   内容を知らずに見た目で買い物する、通称「ジャケット買い」。ブランドや商品コンセプトをうまく取り入れた素敵なパッケージデザインは、思わず手に取りたくなってしまうから不思議です。 & …


graphicdesignobsessed: “Jasmine Pearl Packaging by Relevant Studios The redesigned packaging positions them as a premium, yet approachable tea company. To do this, Relevant Studios used recyclable.

菓子パッケージ 窓あき レーヨンナチュラル【ラベルテンプレート】

菓子パッケージ 窓あき レーヨンナチュラル【ラベルテンプレート】

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Composants:boite en carton refermable (ouverture frontale) dont la forme et dessins rappellent les cuisinières d’antan.Les cookies sortent comme si on les tirait du four. Ce packaging permet une bonne conservation et se veut écologique car facilement réutilisable.Communication:visuel original qui attire le regard, éveille l’appétit et  souvenirs (odeur de cookies sortis du four).Cible : adultes et les enfants qui pourront s’en servir comme four dans leur jeu d’imitation.

Mod 12 - Cookie Stove Packaging Delicious cookies packaged inside of a cardboard stove. Brilliant packaging designed by Saturday Mfg for Thelma’s Treats.