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Evil Mad Scientist Labs went ga-ga over Professor George W. Hart's sculpture, Frabjous. When they realized Professor Hart has been kind enough to post a template to make such a sculpture, they got right to work! Stuff we'll need to make one: paper card stock or cardboard (EMSL also points out that we could also build the sculpture out of plastic or wood) glue or tape a good scissors and/or a sharp hobby knife the PDF template, courtesy of Professor Hart Continue to EMSL for further ...

How to Make a Frabjous Cardboard Sculpture

Making a Frabjous. Evil Mad Scientist website shares how to make a stunning geometric sculpture from cardboard.

3D Printed Modern pendant light created by Designer Bathsheba Grossman

3D Printed Pendant Lighting by Grossman

3D Laser Cut Paper Art by Eric Standley / Sacred Geometry <3

Intricately Cut Paper Sculptures Mimic Stained Glass Windows

visualizingmath: Laser Cut Paper - Geometric Art by Eric Standley Eric Standley is an artist and educator currently living and working in Virginia. In his incredible series of laser cut paper.

Laser-Cut Wooden Sculptures by Gabriel Schama | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Laser-Cut Wooden Sculptures by Gabriel Schama

Oakland-based artist Gabriel Schama creates incredibly intricate, densely layered wood relief sculptures using thin, laser-cut pieces of mahogany plywood.