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Pokémon - 356 Dusclops art by hitec (Sankaku Channel)

100 Human-Like Pokémon Adaptations

Pokemon Challenge Day Least Favorite Pokemon- Dusclops. These things drive me crazy with their "curses" and crap

[Art] Pokemon in Human Form? (Warning: A LOT of images)

Pokémon - 259 Marshtomp art by hitec (Sankaku Channel)

安価で適当にポケモン擬人化描くスレ まとめ - ヨマワル‐サマヨール‐ヨノワール' ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring pokemon

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Bébé Rayquaza

Yeah, i play atm Pokemon Emerald, 'cause i freakin' LOVE this game. why not a Baby Rayquaza? Hope you like it~ C: Baby Rayquaza

Chibi Eevolution by Daieny

Chibi Eevolution by Daieny

This a cool eevee and eevee evolution mural

Seven by ShadeofShinon, Finland & kanji] is supposed to say & choices& Media: Coffee

Youve Made a Huge Mistake

You've Made a Huge Mistake