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hair braiding

will you braid my hair Britt.and make me pretty?

They're probably just sitting there like, "Oh me, what have we done.  Call for help will ya'?"

Doe a deer, a female deer

Even though you live right around the corner and I see you every other day :3

Oceans apart but best friends forever :)

Best friend

Yup, thats mah besties

The Last Five Years | hipster theatre pictures

Friends is everything in our life. sometimes there is good and bad time. But friends always stick together, whatever happen. It’s hard to find a true friendship in our life. The best friend is.

@Sanne Kalkman Voets

Best Friend Quote ♥ love my "sister"

Pictures to do with friends ♥

Pictures to do with friends ♥:) top middle

Sea best friend

What Percent Soulmate Are You And Your Best Friend?

Best friends and the beach... all you need. | @albionfit

This goes to my best friend KK!Never had a better friend!

A cute picture to take with your best friend

this is cute, need to do this or saink similar/cuter with my best friend.