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Hello Kitty store in Shibuya 109

Take my hand and let's continue our tour of Laforet Harajuku. I previously posted photos of the Gothic Lolita Punk clothes.

イ チ ゴ 子 猫 !

"/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL" is imageboard for the discussion of cosplay, elegant gothic lolita (EGL), and anime conventions.

Ember Rose, The Pirate, Gothic Lolita, Lolita Fashion, Classic Fashion, Cosplay Ideas, Capes, Pirates, Harajuku

An old photo of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in Lolita; cute but I feel her current style is more 'her'!

Sweet Lolita shopping guide, where to buy Gothic Lolita womens designer clothing in Tokyo Japan. Marui one department store in Shinjuku, trendy ladies fashion, cute Japanese girls.