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It's been a while from my last pose practice featuring my original character Sayaka Tsuchimiya. Since I just acquired a new Cintiq, I needed something to draw so that I could get used to using it. ...

Profession: Architect Artistic ambition: recreational hobby Pen name: Nsio (derives from my second name Ensio) Artist since: 2004 Drawing software: Paint Tool SAI (primary), Clip Studio Paint (seco.

Nsio Pose Practice 10: Jogging by Nsio.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Already tenth pose practice. I& wanted to draw that sports pose practice for long so it was time to tackle with that. initially I thought drawing baseball themed one, but I figured I don& know e.

Nsio Pose Practice 9: Anon Party Hard! [Update] by Nsio.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I just created a really annoying original character. I started drawing a body practice but it transformed into a pose practice. So this is pose practice so far. I wanted to draw really slim ch.

Nsio Pose Practice 14: Sachiko! by Nsio on DeviantArt

It& time for Nsio Pose Practice. This time we have Sachiko. Didn& see that coming, did ye now? It was actually such a shame that Sachiko got to give birth to the tw.