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With permission of my company : Dontnod entertainment Edit: There is a more recent version of this chart for here. I get the permission from my company to release the graphic chart I made for .

Physically Based Rendering In Practice | Marmoset

This tutorial covers the basics of art content creation, some of the reasoning behind various PBR standards (without getting too technical), and squash some common misconceptions.

[FREE TUTORIAL] Sculpt Tiling Bark - Polycount Forum

As promised, here is my sculpted bark texture tutorial. I hope this helps anyone who has had some trouble sculpting tileable bark.

I made some PBR charts for internal use a few months back and they've now been released to the wild! Values courtesy of Quixel, Allegorithmic and internal data.

To help people get to grips with the new Standard Shader, we've been creating a number of assets to ease people into the confusing world of PBR.

Hello everyone! Perhaps you can help me advice how to implement the model with the correct topology.

How can we implement this item with the correct topology. I did it with the boolean but I know it's not suck properly.

Substance Cracks : Joshua Lynch | Environment Art

Substance Cracks : Joshua Lynch