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J. Newman painting

J. Newman painting

bookspaperscissors:  “rosewong:  “ Sleepy Snow White by: Nokkasili  ” ”

bookspaperscissors: “rosewong: “ Sleepy Snow White by: Nokkasili ” ”

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crossconnectmag: “ Emma Lindström - Cosmic Compositions painter Emma Lindström creates colorful swirls of awesomeness using a combination of acrylic and spraypaint. Though the artist is.

Alvaro Castagnet | Art&Tatucya #Abstract #Art. Love abstrat art, follow @cutephonecases @galaxycase

Abstract: It is an example of abstract art because it is taking a city scene and distorting the image. The colors used and the way the artist has distorted the image makes it seem like a rainy day was being painted as it seemed to the artist.

Said the moon to the stars. "We lesser lights best hang together huh?" ( ) Said the small ant-sized human looking from afar: "No need to feel like you are less. Your beauty has no equal in this magnificent universe.

Colors and the reflection on the river at sunset by David Mensing.

AU CLAIR DE LUNE * ' ' ' ' - Page 7 - Le Forum SFR - 815014

I love this collection of moon catcher photos, Hunting Moon by Jean-Baptist Feldmann


Some people that are in love say they like to see the sky cause the starlight reminds them of their beloved one. For me your light is the Sunlight and you are THE one big star with the vital light for me and my life.please stay and always shine!