Maybe a pose like this, but looking at the camera lol x

3 Simple Balance Checks for Center Work


Meredith Webster in Scheherazade, Alonzo King Lines Ballet - (photo by RJ Muna)



ballet best friends #BestFriends #Ballerina #dancephotography,

ballet best friends #BestFriends #Ballerina #dancephotography,

Natalia Osipova (Kitri) with Mikhailovsky Theatre in "Don Quixote"

Natalia Osipova (Kitri) with Mikhailovsky Theatre in "Don Quixote" LOVE HER and that tutu is asdfghjklzx. Rudolf Nureyev mounted a production of "Don Quixote" with Canada's National Ballet in the or He gave his usual charismatic, dynamic performance.

Working out & being healthy does not have to be difficult. These steps will definitely help you have a 'dancer' body!

These 7 Moves Will Get You a Dancer's Body

A beautiful Silhouette of a Ballerina behind the vale of a Silk Screen Shadow Dancing - Music in motion.


kitty-en-classe: Audrey Hepburn photographed by David Seymour during rehearsals for Funny Face, Paris, 1956

lady in red dress ballerina

Elegy of decay Irina Istratova is a Russian artist who’s currently living in Kiev, Ukraine. She created the beautiful work by digital art and professional photo manipulation. Bloody mary Escape Butterfly and hurricane Ether Passion… Continue Reading →

Dancers among us!  [ the Royal Ballet in London has a contest & they've asked everyone to send them photos of people doing a grand jete anywhere & everywhere. There have been some really amazing photos. ]

Dancer crossing the street at Macy's. I would like to know the "Basic-Street-Safety-when-Walking" rules for dancers on the rain // Annmaria Mazzini in Jordan Matter's book: Dancers Among Us. Kind of Like Singing in the rain.

Christmas Red Tutu Dress...Red Tutu...Tutu... Can por TrendyBambini, $55.00

Rojo flor chica vestido - Navidad Tutu vestido - vacaciones traje - día de San Valentín Tutu - rojo Tutu vestido - puede hacerse en cualquier color