Flat-faced seahorse, longnose seahorse,low-crowned seahorse, lub three-spot seahorse.(polskiej nazwy brak).Hippocampus trimaculatus , gatunek ryby z rodziny Igliczniowatych (Syngnathidae). Występuje w Australii,na Wyspach Kokosowych (Keelinga) , Polinezji Francuskiej , Hongkongu , Indiach , Indonezji , Japonii , na Filipinach , Singapurze , Tajwanie , Tajlandii i Wietnamie . Jego naturalnym siedliskiem są płytkie morza .

Stock Photo of Low-crown Seahorse Hippocampus dahli. High Quality Low-crown Seahorse Images and Gloss Prints are available from Oceanwide Images Stock Photo Library.

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Stop by before aquarium’s big move - BY JENNIFFER WARDELL Clipper Staff Writer Summer doesn’t last and neither will the Living Planet Aquarium. At least not at its current location. The aquarium which was originally located at Gateway Mall in Sal.

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Postcard 1 Another seahorse postcard from Germany. Postcard 2 Another seahorse postcard from Germany. A nice.

pretty little seahorse:):)

Branching sponges are veritable magnets for seahorses. Colorful natural hitching posts like this will encourage brightly colored seahorses such as this Ocean Rider Hippocampus erectus to retain their vivid wardrobes." Photo by Leslie Leddo

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