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Thor - Ron Garney

Thor: God of Thunder Penciler: Ron Garney Inker: Ron Garney Colourist: Ive Svorcina Letterer: Joe Sabino Writer: Jason Aaron Editor: Lauren Sankovitch

Balder and Karnilla colored by wrathofkhan on DeviantArt

aaaaaand another one from this time playing tag team with the awesome Hope y'all like it! (TM) Marvel Characters Balder and Karnilla colored

Thor statue from sideshow collectibles

Thor Classic Marvel Comic book version action figure from Bowen Designs. God in norse mythology and superhero in the Marvel Universe!

Thor By Dan Jurgens & John Romita Jr. Vol. 1 (2009) #thor #johnromita #mightythor #marvelcomics

Thor By Dan Jurgens & John Romita Jr. Vol. 1 (2009) #thor #johnromita #mightythor #marvelcomics

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valerioschiti:  This year we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary...

valerioschiti: “This year we’re celebrating the anniversary of “Marvel Italia” and “Panini Comics”. 20 italian artists did 20 variant covers inspired by 20 iconic and memorable covers, one for.

Thor vs Beta Ray Bill

Thor #338 marvel comic book poster beta ray bill walter simonson avengers hammer

I just got my copy of the Thor/Beta Ray Bill Ragnarok Series Graphic Novel by Walt Simonson


The Mighty Thor, who was known primarily as the thunder god was also the Norse god of war and agriculture.