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Somali Cat

I doubt that I'll ever pay for a cat. But I absolutely love Somali kitties. What a beautiful breed!

Cloudclan apprentice: Sandpaw

Bayou Foxes Somali kittens available. * * KITTEN: " Available fer wut? If yoo iz breedin' fer cash monies, yoo should beez ashamed of yerself.

Somali Cat With Green Eyes | Mosspebble-Warrior

I had a dream about a cute, cuddly kitty with fluffy white and light gray hair.

Somali kittens

CAT SNIP: If you love the confident air and athletic physique of the Abyssinian but prefer the glamour of a longhaired cat, take a look at the Aby’s sibling, the Somali.

Blue Eyed Kitties - Aren't they adorable! Click to see more fabulous pictures of catsand kittens.

Blue Eyed Kitties - 31st January 2014

Somali Cat- so pretty!!

The Somali is a cat breed created from long-haired Abyssinian cats. The breed appeared in the from Abyssinian breeding programs when a number of Abyssinian kittens were born with bottle-brush tails and long fluffy coats. Abyssinians and Somalis share

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blue-eyed kitten that is a Himalayan. The points have all ready started to darken and the eyes will stay blue. The short nose indicates his/her Persian ancestry.

Psychiatry kitteh

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