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This makes me feel something, like releasing a strength that has been there all along. :)

His screams echo though the rooms as the gun goes off. Annie: can I just say that being blind sucks! Logan: She's blind, she can't see us. (Later on, when Jack's been "lighted" (brainwashed)) Logan: He's as good as blind, he can't see me.

limbo. by Cristina  Otero on 500px  #portrait #photography

Tambu did not feel sad about his death, and she did not feel bad for not feeling bad. She was only sad that her family was sad.


Glimmer Portrait illustrations by Isaiah Stephens. Isaiah is an amateur freelance artist and story writer based in Lowell, Massachusetts. Katniss Madge the mayors daughter Gogetyourknifeandkissme Madge Air Clove Blackbird song Peeta … Continue Reading →

Happy colour blog! :)(:  http://colour-rainbow.tumblr.com/

my well loved brushes in my studio are "my pop-pop's" sometimes i use them, sometimes i just look at the paint left on them from his hand, and smile :)

article:  5 Ways to Break the Addiction to Sadness ... I love that Gratitude is first and foremost! Has made all the difference in my life. Compared to a year ago, my experience of life is a 180 degree turn toward the better. I changed first, then changes occurred in my life. Improved health, financial bounty, creative collaborations, career progression, and real true deep love; let go of sadness and enjoy your life, too. <3

I love the contrast of light and dark in this photo. I also love the symmetry that the shadow creates (a line down the middle of her face) Also, I love close ups on emotion, this draws in the audience and makes them feel the emotion.

I met my love on our date in North Carolina. poor bastard should've turned around sooner. but hey we both got payed.

Black tears (reminds me of the last day she spent on the streets. This was the last time she ever saw her parents, with Quinn unconscious at her feet and the Joker laughing somewhere in the distance.