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Dark Eyed Junco : junco in the snow-one of my favorite winter birds who visit my feeder when the snow falls


Meet The Closest Living Relative To The Extinct Dodo Bird With Incredibly Colorful Iridescent Feathers

Relocations Needed for Australian Species Under Threat - International Business Times - Golden Bower Bird

Golden Bowerbird, (Prionodura newtoniana): widely if patchily distributed in the Atherton region in NE QLD, AU

fat birds= best birds, part 2

Button Quail or King Quail (Coturnix chinensis) South Asia and the Philippines

Jane Says: Growing Organic Is All About the Dirt. The diversity and beauty of nature is amazing

The glasswing butterfly, one of 64 species of glasswings, can be seen in Central America between Mexico and Panama at altitudes between 500 and meters.


and silhouette of the northern cardinal but did you know their young