Sir Walter Scott Monument Edinburgh - a Victorian Gothic monument to Scottish author Sir Walter Scott. It is the largest monument to a writer in the world. There are 287 steps to the top of the Scott Monument, from where you can enjoy breathtaking views o

Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England. Europe's oldest (11th century), intact, and in use, royal palace . . . Amazing.

Norman Gate - Windsor Castle - Berkshire, England - Europe's oldest century), intact, and in-use royal palace .

Top 10 Breathtaking Castles

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30 Most Beautiful Castles in the World - Peleș Castle is a neo-renaissance castle located in Carpathian Mountains, near Sinaia, in Prahova County, Romania. The castle was built between

Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland (by_wish4peace)

Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland goes from the castle down the hill to Holyrood Palace. There is lots of fun shopping and so much to see. One of my favorite parts of Edinburgh.

Armadale Castle (Clan Donald) - Isle of Skye, Scotland

Armadale Castle - (Clan MacDonald) - Isle of Skye, Scotland - Scottish baronial style mock castle built 1815 next to the MacDonald's 1790 era country mansion - both are now in ruins - the gardens, however, are maintained

Winter Sunlight on Eilean Donan Castle, Scottish Highlands by Marcus Reeves, via Flickr This is the most photographed castle in the world.

I want to visit Scotland Winter Sunlight on Eilean Donan Castle, Scottish Highlands ~ Travelust 88

Stirling Bridge, Scotland

Stirling Bridge in Stirling, Scotland. Scene of the battle of Stirling Bridge where English troops were defeated by William Wallace hence the monument situated across the valley.

Eilean Donan Castle in the Scottish Highlands

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Edenburg Scotland

500px / Sir Walter Scott Monument. by Jeremy Cupp

Sir Walter Scott Monument, Edinburgh, Scotland by Jeremy Cupp. The Sir Walter Scott statue designed by John Steell is located inside the Scott Monument