The New Yamaha Moegi    Since the days of $4 gas began, the single-cylinder motorcycles and scooters that dominate international megacities have become increasingly common on American streets. Engineers at Yamaha created the Y125 Moegi concept to capitalize on that trend.

Yamaha Moegi Concept - The Moegi is essentially, an ultra-light, ultra fuel efficient motorcycle (powered by a single cylinder four-stroke engine). Potentially capable of 50 mph and a mindboggling 188 miles per gallon.

A motorcycle with an airplane engine? Well okay then...

King of All Motorcycles: Red Baron Bike powered by an Airplane Engine. to be the envy of all Harley riding pilots. Hope he has good earplugs!

Bad Ass #chopper. Awesome metal work.

steamcrunked: “ apolonisaphrodisia: “ Siren of TI Chopper - Scott Cawood Metal Artist ” Get Steamcrunked Here ”

I want one of these. BAD. Kraus Motor Co.

Named after a South American cactus known for its hallucinogenic properties, Satya Kraus' Achuma custom motorcycle is part old Harley and part motocrosser. It's also one of the stars of the 2013 Bike EXIF motorcycle calendar:

XT600 de 66 motorcycles

XT 600 Street Tracker - 66 Motorcycles - Custom 66 Streetracker & Cafe Racer < I'm not usually into the scrambler/tracker look. But this speaks to me.

Zaeta 530 DT (Zaeta Motorcycles by Paolo Chiaia & Marco Belli)- This is close to what I want.

steampunk - Google Search

Train Wreck, the Steam Engine Concept Motorcycle - autoevolution .Colby Higgins is a design student in Boston, and Train Wreck is his brainchild: just like the name suggests it, we're dealing with an amazing steam engine bike concept.