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Research Ship Endurance by Drell-7 on DeviantArt

Built in Lunar orbit from materials mined at Hipparchus Station, the Research Vessel Endurance takes shape in its 96 kilometer high parking orbit. Research Ship Endurance

Quick colorization. Big thank you to Yohann Schepacz for your precious advices on this one. ;)

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End of the journey, Pablo Munoz Gomez on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/yBq9x

I started this project based on an idea from my project from last year (Friday 20 of may if you are curious). Modeled entirely in ZBrush and rendered with BPR and custom comic materials (just the 'linework') then Photoshop for colour and final touches.

ArtStation - Composition sketches, Nick Foreman

Composition sketches by Nick Foreman (based on Neo-Geo game Super Baseball

ArtStation - Hard Surface - Robot, Eduard Oliver

New and first project I did to practice hardsurface, texturing and also study a little more about render and lighting. Concept by: Heng Z

ArtStation - Robo Recall - Fast Bot, Mark Van Haitsma

ArtStation - Robo Recall - Fast Bot, Mark Van Haitsma

Had some time away from to do this finally. Really need to start doing some environments, but characters are so fun.

ArtStation - Crew of the Salonika - Will JinHo Bik

Sci Fi Art, Bullet, Cyberpunk, Robots, Robotics, Robot, Bullets

The Incredible Art Of The Ghost In The Shell Movie

The Incredible Art Of The Ghost In The Shell Movie

Watch how the incredible team of artists at Weta Workshop has created Ghost in the Shell Characters and Props in this new behind the scenes video ht

CURKNT8WUAAN30k.png:large (1024×576)

[The Expanse] You know a lot about how people die.

ArtStation - The Guardians sketches, Xander Smith

Costume sketches, practice for zbrush-> keyshot-> painting workflow