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Words you want to hear if you're a single sister
JW meme/humor from nomnom nom. Board: Humor, JW Style
this happen to me once... LOL and the brother was pointing right at me and couldn't get my name out... so I called it out for him.... and how bout he meant the sister behind me... o-O
jehovah witness jokes - Google Search!-Cheney
Driving Ms. Daisy
I like the review :) you get to raise you hand 20 times. There's a great chance you'll get a comment :)
hahahah, that is what my brother would say.
Dr. Oz "Humbled" By Jehovah's Witnesses!
WOH! took me a second... it is funny, but who wrote it...?  :/ - yeah get em whilst they are young. Poor kids
Josh Peck Pic. 2
#Pioneers be like YEAH!!! I kill you, if you don't listen I got SUPER POWERS WHUUUTTTT
Hey Christian Girl This is one of the funniest EVERRR!
As a nursing student, I can attest for this first hand. Three out of four answers are correct... Now pick the one Most appropriate. THEY ALL SEEM EQUALLY APPROPRIATE!!
OR after a comment!! The nerves are there all the time for some.