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Look how tiny & cute that is! (pygmy leaf chameleon, world's smallest chameleon. it lives on the ground and hunts for tiny insects in the leaf litter.

He's just too cute, can I take him home?

Pretty green jeweled lizard peeking out of a plant.

VENOM ... Oh My Gosh

Now this is one of those shots you rarely get to see. A poisonous snake spits out some venom! Spitting Cobra the venom can't blind you

¿La edad del entrevisatador importa?

¿La edad del entrevistador importa?

The article attached talks about the potential risks of the exotic pet trade. Kind of interesting and people definitely should be aware of the actual work required to take care of these animals.

Haha the snake tried.

oliviabeanlove: givemeinternet:a brave snake saving a fish from drowning! A brave snake saving a fish from drowning.

lizard humor

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Just a tiny lizard being tiny…

Just a tiny lizard being tiny…

Quoting MSN News: “This incredible creature, believed to be a typical house gecko common in the Philippines, is one of the world’s smallest reptiles. The lizard was captured by teen photographer Corin Lenisco, who decided to keep it as a pet.