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How beautiful cars were back in the 1950s! Print is of a 1956 Chevrolet.
Stylish, convenient and comfortable. The LG Exalt II is a flip phone that lets you make clear calls and offers a host of helpful features, such as large keys for easy dialing and an exterior display that shows you when text messages arrive. Get yours today with Verizon.

Exalt™ II

The folding Motocompo motorcycle under the rear hatch of a 1986 Honda City Turbo II.
JDMの集大成!初代トヨタ セリカ超美麗レストモッド!エンジンはホンダ、カラーは日産
Toyota Supra
オチで不覚にも笑ってしまった。(本当は違います。In fact it is different)