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OMG - how can I use this... wait, how can I not. Hmm... front door, kitchen or bedroom? Oh, decisions... The Butler now featured on Fab.

The Butler Wooden Docking Station Iphone 5 And Samsung Galaxy Gadget Wall Nounted Unit A Neat Front Slot Wallet Keys Glasses House Oak Material Natural Color Home Furniture Gadget Acessories Cool Wood iPhone And Android Docking Station Furniture

The beaver pencil sharpener will guarantee you're always equipped with the pointiest writing utensils in the the entire room. With their love for chomping on...

Beaver Pencil Sharpener

"The humorous Kastor beaver-shaped pencil sharpener ravenously ingests pencils and doubles as a paper weight. The chrome-plated sharpener was created by Columbian designer Rodrigo Torres for Italian houseware company Alessi." It's sad I want this

You've Gato a Call Phone Stand.  Now all I need is a phone that will fit in it.

You've Gato a Call Phone Stand. Keep a keen eye on your digital companion by entrusting it to this charming black cat by Japanese Gift Market! This is super cute! I really will be a crazy cat lady, I swear.

Tablero de la colección de Bautizos de SweetCo.

Tablero de la colección de Bautizos de SweetCo.

Hanger Coat Rack

How to Make a Hanger Coat Rack

Unique Coat Rack : Attach sawed-off wooden hangers to a board by screwing them in through the back. Add heavy-duty picture hangers to the back of the board for mounting on the wall. Throw hats on top and hang purses and coats on the hangers' hooks.

I need to remember this, plus you could glue them on to broken flip flops

DIY Guest Slippers DIY Guest Slippers - a nice "perk" for your guests. Could glue something non slip to the bottom.

Car Key garage

This is a design by: Andre Rumann. It is a simple little product that involves a keychain holder (being the garage) and a keychain in the shape of little mini car. So when you return from work, simply park the car (and your key) in the garage :)

Brilliant!   Order and chaos converge In Mexican designer Victor Barish's Brillant 'Diaster' Creative Ideas Quirky Ideas

The Bookshelf Rethought: 5 Innovative Designs

Topsy turvy bookshelf - put some oversized cushions under the arch to make a little reading nook

Tool hideaway

DUSTINS GARAGE NEEDS THIS! ---This is a good idea, rolling shelf, but instead.strong coasters that can change direction (: Can be done for all kinds of things

Good idea for camping.

DIY: Toilet Paper Holder from Wire Hanger. Anyone have 2 extra wire coat hangers for me?

Como decorar e organizar a casa. Blog Tu Organizas.: Guarda-chuvas no lugar

DIY Umbrella Stand~ Transform an inexpensive flower bucket into a nice-looking umbrella stand by painting the bottom of the bucket with glossy oil-based enamel paint. Maybe could make a flag stand for church from this