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35 Stunning Examples Of Soap Bubble Photography

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bubble-9a0aa1ebc517e448b9048914055197760f3a76db-s900-c85.jpg (500×375)

bubble-9a0aa1ebc517e448b9048914055197760f3a76db-s900-c85.jpg (500×375)

Fire Obsidian

Fire Obsidian Stone, while holding this rock you become one with the universe. its a truly zen experience.

Nature Art: "Rainbow Rock" Benjamin Cowderoy	 or BenjaminNeil 2010-09-10 (@flickr 4977585595)

"Rainbow Rock"- the detail with the perspective on the side facing away is a nice touch. If only the same care had been put into making the gradient more organic. plus a small, selective color palate is much more attractive than an easy rainbow.


Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. Use these pale blue hues in your outfits and home and feel the serenity shine through.

Blue Eyris Pearls

Blue Eyris Pearls - Pearls from the sea creatures known as abalone are incredibly rare. They cannot be cultured like the pearls from mussels and oysters; abalone are all hemophiliacs. They bleed to death when injected with a nucleus. in nature

You can watch our climate get warmer in this NASA video.

An analysis of global temperatures by NASA scientists shows that 2013 was the seventh warmest year since 1880 (tied with 2006 and Nine of the 10 warme.

a bubble

a bubble

moonstone, from India. Cut from hard-to-find rough, Romans named it so because they thought it was made of moonlight.

Moonstone - Helps with changing structures of ones life on the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels. Known as "The Traveler's Stone" & is a talisman of good fortune. Facilitates tenderness within & brings forth happiness to the environment in wh