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OCD by Patrick Smith

OCD - part of a series of mental disorders visualized in six minimalist posters by Graphic Designer Patrick Smith

NYC summed up.

New York Poster This design caught my eye because i love the simplicity of the design yet it is also very pleasing to the eye. The maze like affect is cool because it looks like city blocks.

.The 3 little pigs by Christian Jackson

the three little pigs hyper-minimalist fairy tale poster designed by christian jackson.

이포스터는 콘서트 포스터지만 제가 포스터에 담고싶은 이미지는! 저 별똥별같이 떨어지는 게 눈물로 표현하는걸로 바꾸면 어떨까 싶어서 관심이 갔습니다.

Modern Poster Designs for Inspiration // like the idea of incorporating stars and lights into this series.


Melancoloric on the Behance Network. I love the smell of the cold crisp air. And the air . Bundle up and love the fresh crisp Clear air.

3-D type

COVER: Shadows in Text. Arizona-based design stu dio, Tunnel Bravo, has designed a series of fun posters for East Valley Children’s Theatre.

Veerle's design contest entry

As designers we can all appreciate good, well composed typography posters. Matching the graphic design to the right font can be tricky, even for the best

Diseñando imágenes de cuento

19 Minimalistic Posters Of Your Favorite Childhood Stories Artist Christian Jackson has created truly beautiful posters

The way they use negative space to create the image of the mouse is really interesting to me. I almost didn't see the mouse at first. Creating something like that always seemed super difficult to me

Graphic design inspiration

GRAPHIC DESIGN – POSTER – Poster illustrating the use of negative space to great effect. Clever use of positive and negative space!

#Batman vs Pinguin #Posters

Creative Illusions: Arch Enemies (2 total)

Criminal Underworld - Penguin vs Batman, by Simon Page that-design-thing-i-do-and-the-art-that-inspires-i

British designer Patrick Smith has created a great series of Mental Disorder Posters.

Mental Disorder Posters

Mental Disorder Posters Posted on by Jaime Derringer in Art Mental Disorder Posters British designer Patrick Smith has created a great series of Mental Disorder Posters.

19 Things That Will Drive Your OCD Self Insane

19 Things That Will Drive Your OCD Self Insane

Funny OCD Things Photos - you don't have to have full blown ocd to have some of these bug you

Lights that are wrong. Just wrong. | 45 Photos That Will Annoy You More Than They Should......... holy crap, this is where I work. Not joking, those papers are in every station at my work.

These are some of the most annoying OCD pictures ever taken. If your skin isn't crawling by this point, then you probably don't have OCD.