ArtStation - 273/365 Last stop, Atey Ghailan

Atey Ghailan ( „Just wanted to share a sketch from last year, still like it and learned a lot from it

ArtStation - Maleficent - Concept art, Valentin Petrov

Few concept and matte paintings i did for Disney's Maleficent while i was at MPC dmp dept.

12984033_1166033863429458_4572005165217170804_o.jpg (1920×1080)

ssets:, Peter Konig : This is a sampling of the many hi-res rocks I sculpted as a remote contractor for Turtle Rock Studios from 2013 to Though some of them had specialty uses, like stairs or bridges, many of the assets needed to

Crash, Sergey Kolesov on ArtStation at

Sergey Kolesov also known as Peleng, is a Russian digital artist with passion for

Klaus on Behance Szymon Biernacki

Feature animated movie in development. Role: Art Director along with Marcin Jakubowski Dir.: Sergio Pablos Studio: The SPA Studios