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Unicorn bacon?! #rainbowcolours #unicorns

make your own edible wallpaper with candy/marshmallows/cereal/gumdrops/etc & sugar paste. track up on walls, than pick/peel/eat

Kaleidoscope art

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Trompe l'oeil means to fool the eye. Drawing and using the exact value to show depth and 3 dimensional.

A rope has tactile texture because you can physically touch the grooves between the twisted strands. Although, a picture of a rope only has visual texture. (unless you are physically holding a print of the picture of rope)

クレヨン(クーピー)を彫って創られたアート。すごい美しい! こういうのって、多分、学校の授業が退屈なときにぼー…

Carved Crayons by Pete Goldlust. How impressed are you that, months after first seeing carved crayons, I am still resisting the crayon-carving bug?