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Anime-Minaba-Hideo-Anime-Art-Granblue-Fantasy-3776733.jpeg (1090×1649)

Anime-Minaba-Hideo-Anime-Art-Granblue-Fantasy-3776733.jpeg (1090×1649)

Metal Gear Solid 2 by Yoji Shinkawa

STRIFE - Art Print The Strife, Angel and Valentine art print series has been created by Gametee Art Director AJ Hateley. We believe videogames are .

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ahoge armor belt black pants blonde hair blue eyes cape crossed arms full body granblue fantasy greaves looking at viewer male focus minaba hideo official art open mouth pants planted sword planted weapon puddle sheath sheathed short hair siete simple

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The girl who had received a revelation senses the shadow of a great one from the small dragon.