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Birdy the Mighty Decode

Watch Birdy the Mighty Decode

Dragon Ball Z, Goku, Anime, Heroes, Dragons, Super Saiyan, Tattoo, Leadership, Outfit

This is adorable and someone make a fanfiction of this girl and junkrat

I don't like kids but I like Junkers, and the idea of this kid turning into a pyromaniac xP<<< awwww

Ryoko Hakubi ... #CrazyGirl Lol

Ryoko Hakubi ... #CrazyGirl Lol

Final Fantasy XV / #ffxv

Final Fantasy XV / #ffxv

Digimon Frontiers: I know a lot of people didn't really like this Digimon incarnation, but I have to say it's in my top 2 Digimon series (it even beat out Digimon Adventures 2, and that had both T.K. and Kari). Why? I guess because Takuya and Koji were the only two male protagonists that reminded me of Tai and Matt (who, by the way, were my first legit anime crushes). All of the others were... meh.

Digimon Frontier season of Digimon). I would wake up every morning early to watch it, and then do my school. My sister also loves Digimon, and this is our favorite season.