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Evolution of the NES

Nintendo Console Launch Day History (Launch Titles, Launch Price in Launch Year and Corresponding Launch Price in

Nintendo Controller

La evolución del control de Nintendo

RIPT Apparel Graphic Tees takes a look back at the Evolution of the Nintendo Gaming System’s controller over the past 30 years. (seems more like the evolution of the nintendo object you hold in your hand, considering the gameboy and ds.

Nintendo Facts

Funny pictures about What you didn't know about Nintendo. Oh, and cool pics about What you didn't know about Nintendo. Also, What you didn't know about Nintendo.


I got: Nintendo NES! Which Gaming Console Best Describes Your Personality?

So many systems in just over 20 years. Craziness!

While the PlayStation and Xbox models may rule the current world of gaming, there are still those who love to keep it old school.

Nintendo vai lançar nova versão do NES A Nintendo anunciou que vai relançar o famoso ”Nintendinho” (NES) em uma versão mini, com entrada HDMI, além de 30 jogos na memória. Saiba mais no link!

Nintendo vai lançar nova versão do NES

Zelda Custom NES Console and Controllers  Like, Re-Pin. Thank's!!!  Repined by http://www.casualgameportal.com/category/nintendo/

Ryan Kirkpatrick (Platinumfungi) & Jared Smith (Custom NES Guy) are responsible for creating the most EPIC custom NES consoles I have ever seen in my life.

*insert only 90's kids meme*

*insert only 90's kids meme

Gaming, then and now. I love the Pokemon one at the end. It will ALWAYS be the ultimate gamer question.

TMNT NES Say Huaaaahhhh?

Think that classic Nintendo system you found at a garage sale is cool? It's got nothing on this customized, backlit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-themed NES.

That's not my name by Haychel.deviantart.com on @deviantART --- aawwww.. :( Misunderstoods.

Link is not zelda, samus is not metroid, pit is not icarus, olimar is not pikmin, LUIGI IS NOT NOBODY!