this is an ape, not a monkey..but I'd love to work with apes if ever given the opportunity! They amaze me!

Sometimes monkeys give you ever nice smile. These monkeys are just like that giving your day awesome. Have more fun and laugh.


Freedom, motherfucker do you speak it?


the true dirt ride

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Vintage Marihuana Marijuana Anti Drugs Poster Re-Print

Captain Louis Capparelli of Maxwell Street Police Station’s dog Lassie. Chicago 1944

New guard dog.~~~~Our Jack Russell doesn't need a gun. She alerts the entire neighborhood if there is anyone around with whom she isn't very familiar. She is known as the neighborhood watch dog.

Sports combined with motorcycle racing...

Sports combined with motorcycle racing…

Funny pictures about Sports combined with motorcycle racing. Oh, and cool pics about Sports combined with motorcycle racing. Also, Sports combined with motorcycle racing.

Four wheels move the body.  Two wheels move the soul.  #motorcycle

Move the body; Move the soul.

funny biker quotes and sayings

I want a son that I can have a lifelong riding partner with 😢

Calvin and Hobbes fan art, Hobbes for President!

Calvin and Hobbes - Hobbes for President Poster by My Modern Metropolis

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