Venom vs Black Cat

Venom & Black CatAmazing Spider-Man (June by Todd McFarlane (pencils/inks) & Bob Sharen (colors)Words by David Michelinie

Black Cat commission / NYCC print by Jim Cheung (2010), in George H's Cheung, Jim - COMMISSIONS / SKETCHES Comic Art Gallery Room - 1241529

Black Cat clad in outfits similar to Cat Woman. The equation of women to cats and the "pussy" obsession and is an all but subtle expression of hypersexuality.

Spider-Man vs. Black Cat in Amazing Spider-Man #3 (vol. 3)

So this is what happened after the Doc Ock incident between them. I'm so frustrated it made her become a villain again and turn against him. Oh hey, her costume's zipped up. Black Cat in Amazing Spider-Man (vol.