Web Dashboard v2+ by Balraj Chana

Web Dashboard v2+

A nice concept this, clean and clear with strength in visual elements meaning you can see what you need at a glance without needing to read lots - Web Dashboard

Dashboart - health

Dashboart - health

Hi guys, another dashboard i'm currently involved in, this represents what a doctor will see about it's patient, it's still a work in progress, i figured i could post it here for some comments befo.

20+ Awesome #Dashboard #Designs That Will Inspire You. Read More - http://designrfix.com/design/dashboard-design

20+ Awesome Dashboard Designs That Will Inspire You

User interface inspiration | #779

User interface inspiration

In our UI galleries we’re presenting our latest findings of the most stunning menus, buttons and other interface elements from mobile apps, applications and webpages.

Mobile Dashboard by Corey Haggard

Mobile Dashboard

scout reports new design - Google Search

Design teardown: Help Scout Reports—redesigning with the customer in mind « Thoughts on users, experience, and design from the folks at InVision.