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I always wanted a band called "I don't know" and have the first song as "That song".  So people had to ask for "That song by I don't know".

If I ever start a band…



Nice to meet you Skittles! Funny cause I was just listening to Eminem.

These people are awesome

Wi-Fi war I enjoy the wifi on the bottom who just starts out with a witty wifi name and then tries to calm his neighbors down! You go bottom wifi guy!

... That was an unexpected plot twist.

This literally made my life complete hahah "I didnt know BBC had a tumbler!" bahaha "The mother of all plot twists.

I love it!!

this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.<<<<My two favorite things one direction and shrek

Found the vegan!

I gotta admit, find the twelve year old and find the vegan are two of my absolute favorite games.

Tumblr compilation Worth pinning due to the maple syrup one. And yeah I googled it and yeah it really happened (2012)

Tumblr compilation

Posted for the Canadian Maple Syrup reserve post. Must add that the final one is not true.

Herr Pterodactyl.

Some tumblr posts I found while trying to clean up my files.

One time these girls were waiting in line in front of me then one of them told a joke and when they hit the punchline i laughed out loud!

#7 .. i cried hahahaha

Tumblr Stuff #35

The way Americans think about Canada is hilarious. Any of you Americans have any question about Canada?

Omg so true

we have life savers in Australia and I feel like America and Britain are always competing and Australia's like the mixture of both that tears them away from eachother and is just like "chill guys. I like polos and life savers.

Tumblr Stuff Memes. Best Collection of Funny Tumblr Stuff Pictures

My favorite being: "Why do asians speak the ching chong language" "This is why Americans hate Americans"

For the second one I would go live with either Tom Hiddleston, Butternut Cabagepatch, Misha Collins, or RDJ

Let your black heart shine. LMAO My dark humor fix. Hahahah I need to stop posting

Threatening your life to try get wat u want. Only proves ur the selfish coward I thought u wer

Ignore People Who Threaten Your Joy (Live Life Happy)