Fairy door DIY
Wooden Rustic Decorative Hobbit Fairy Door Switchplate Cover Novelty Home Hidden Door Home Decor Unique Gift
Did the kids lose pieces to the Mexican Train game? Make a wall clock out of the left overs.
Great idea. A little pricey, but would add a unique touch to your rustic decor. Heck, got someone handy at woodwork at home? Wooden Rustic Decorative Hobbit Fairy Door by BrynandJeremiahs


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Fairy door (from Home & Garden Art in Seattle, WA) with stairs (built and installed by Allan Fritz), photographed by Skyler Walker of Tangly Cottage Gardening. (© 2012)

our garden on tour: the bogsy woods

COMPLETELY CUSTOM Pallet Art Dandelion by TealElephantBoutique

COMPLETELY CUSTOM! Pallet Art Dandelion Welcome Home Wall Hanging Rustic Shabby Chic - Custom Colors for your decor

How to make polymer clay fairy doors http://leahg.me/how-to-make-fairy-doors-for-gifts-from-polymer-clay/