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Fantasy Inspiration

jellyfish soup: Daenerys Cosplay Pattern and Makeup Tutorial

For anyone seeking to make their own Astapor dress from season 3 of GoT, here's a rough pattern that I hope can shed some light. Daenerys Targaryen Pattern - Game of Thrones

Fantasy Inspiration, Pagan

This is SO cool!! This would be so awesome for a party, or a cultural wedding maybe? Fashion shoots, anything.

Black Filigree "FLOWER" Venetian Masquerade Mardi Gras Costume Halloween Mask

Her Royal Highness - Queen of Hearts Masquerade Mask Rhinestone Birthday Party, Halloween Costume, Masquerade Ball

liu shi shi

My Hanfu Favorites Pictures of hanfu (han chinese clothing) I like. About Tags Replies Where to Buy Hanfu

The Girl with Emerald Eyes. By Brooke Gillette.

Brooke Gillette, "The Girl With Emerald Eyes". Really like her lips and the steampunk mask (specially the timepiece). Not a huge fan of steampunk in general, but I do like this mask.

Fantasy Inspiration

Fantasy Inspiration