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Protecting her little babies --- Norbert Rosling, Wapusk National Park, Canada


Family portrait — A lucky photographer has managed to photograph these adorable images that of the playful first moments in the lives of young polar bear cubs in Manitoba, Canada (THOMAS KOKTA/CATERS) Source: The Telegraph

Urge your city to adopt a polar bear Thousands of polar bears are in danger, their habitats threatened, in some cases their family support structures destroyed. You can help by urging your city to adopt any baby polar bear that is in need of love and safe home.

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Polar bears around an ice hole, like petals around a rose. The game is in the name, and the name is in the game. How many polar bears do you see? Just saying, I'm an official polar bear member, officiated by miss Hannah Guyer if I recall.

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Siku, a young polar bear cub who was born last November at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park (SWP) in Denmark