Pinoy Foods : Pichi-pichi
Filipino Cake and Desserts
Pinoy Food! Pinoy taste My Version of ADOBO, I call It ADOBONG PORK-SIT (Pork and squid)
Pinoy Foods :Kutsinta
Yummm pinoy food xD wrapped banana with melted brown sugar outside.
Pinoy Kamayan: Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe
Pinoys have developed a selective memory whenever they’re served freshly cooked crab on banana leaves, with rice and a vinegar dip. #crab #food #Philippines

5 things every runner gets wrong

Pinoy Food... Ginisang Upo =)
My own Version of SINAMPALUKANG MANOK with MALUNGGAY pinoy food pinoy taste! (chicken in tamarind soup)