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Tortilla making in El Salvador, Mom's grinding the maize with a stone mano and metate as the elder daughter pats the dough into tortillas.

Mujer salvadoreña junto a olla con frijoles rojos, tortillas y arreglo floral. Foto de LPG

Salvadoran woman, nexto a pot of red beans, tortillas and flowers.

Colección Los Izalcos (Carl V. Hartman) MUPI

Stories of Civil War in El Salvador : A Battle over Memory / Erik Ching. Chapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press,

el salvador - national geographic july - december 1944 | El Salvador por National Geographic en 1944 | Guía turística de El ...

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This old Mexican postcard (which has no vertical line on the reverse) shows a woman making tortillas using a metate and a comal for cooking.

Portuguese popular wisdom: "Not always a beautiful face addresses the beauty of the world. There are one thousand fountains of clear water filled with sludge at the bottom" (free translation)