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Christian Bale | Nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role for "American Hustle" please cut your hair now!

Nominations 90th: The Complete List

Telling dad about your plans to one day go exploring outside the county line at the end of a hard days work.

I grew up with the best a both worlds . the ocean at my doorstep in Fla n a horse farm in Ky :)

Christian Bale & Tom Hardy does it get any better??? Nope..but i imagine this is kinda what heavens like...

Sometimes Batman and Bane just hang out on a couch and grow their beards, cause they can. [ Christian Bale & Tom Hardy] I love Tom hardy! But Tom hardy with a beard!

Behind the Scenes photos from the Dark Knight trilogy. Christian Bale 4-eva.

Behind the Scenes Images From the Set of the Batman Trilogy

straw bale seating for a wedding | Weddings: Straw Bale Seating

monogram on a hay roll.photo: luke and cat photography, houston this is cool I could do this for sure maybe not a letter some kind of design