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≫∙ A tear is made of water and feelings. Perhaps that's the reason why this picture moves us deeply. "Tears of star", by Hitoshi Ozaki ➳

ガラスのような透明の花「サンカヨウ」の美しい写真5選  –  grape [グレープ]  – 心に響く動画メディア

"Diphylleia grayi" (Skeleton flower) - The petals turn transparent with the rain. ❤️ This flower turns amazingly transparent when touched by raindrops

The most cost effective 10 DIY Back garden Projects That Any person Can Make 5

The most cost effective 10 DIY Back garden Projects That Any person Can Make 5

How to photograph early spring wildflowers in bright light by Mark S. Carlson, naturalist photographer - diffuse the light by covering the flower with a diffuser (umbrella perhaps?


Little Ginkgo studies: Embroidered artwork by Meredith Woolnough - plant ginkgo tree for future leaf art inspiration

Il colore e' poesia dell'anima

I love this because it looks very creative with the rain and the 3 leave clovers! great way to represent luck! this relates to OMS because luck has a big part in the story. This is different from mine because I didn't do luck.

Gatsby was head over heels for a girl named daisy. She was in love with him too but they could be together.

Ox-eyed Daisy 29 04 2009 ‘May Queen’ Ox-eyed Daisy (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum). Ox-eyed Daisies, also known as Marguerite Daisies, are short, bushy perennials. Prolific reseeders, these hardy plants can grow in full sun or partial shade.

榮 - sakae - 簪作家 http://sakaefly.exblog.jp/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/sakaefly/ Sakae-gekkabijin_06.jpg



Confira as 12 flores mais exuberantes do planeta!

コウモリを惹きつける「月下美人(げっかびじん)」は妖しく艶やかに咲く一夜花(tenki.jpサプリ 2015年9月30日) - 日本気象協会 tenki.jp

コウモリを惹きつける「月下美人(げっかびじん)」は妖しく艶やかに咲く一夜花(tenki.jpサプリ 2015年9月30日) - 日本気象協会 tenki.jp