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This would be Moose IF I ever had more kids <3

Shirt says: "My brother is a chocolate lab". Love kids and dogs. The sheer joy on this kids face is super cute

Almost white

What mud? Make this a dachshund and this would be my Dixie Belle and generally right after a bath do I find her in the mud puddle.

Labrador mom and puppy - Precious

Hero Cat Alert To Owner Saving Family From Burning Home

Visit us Monday through Friday at 11AM for your cute puppy fix! Each photo features a puppy who is in training to become an assistance dog for someone who is deaf or has a disability. Jackie, I don…

11AM Cute Puppy — Jackie, I don’t think you’re close enough to the camera.

Sandra loves her pet labrador - while this is just a look-a-like puppy version, 'Sasha' is just as adorable (and a little bigger!

Cutie pies

Labrador Retriever - Intelligent and Fun Loving