Coming Together by Tazihound on DeviantArt

A fun collaboration with Quailmix, featuring Gregor being pestered by a pudgy Sophie. Gregor (c) Quailmix Sophie (c) Me

For 11 million subscribers by cheap cookiez

If you don't watch ❤️Jacksepticeye❤️then you won't get it 😂😋

Rules: Payment can be made by Paypal or deviantART points (1$ = 80) The starting bid for all designs is 1$. Do not bid if you can't pay right away. Highest bidder gets both the design and the art f...

Flame (deceased) female Alpha female not all that cruel loves fighting taught Luna forgiveness and niceness died due to a plague Mate-Frostbite Daughter-Luna Sons-Tiger and Lion

STS Dog - Veyron by on @deviantART

Registered Name: RSK Dragon's Reach Call Name: Noble Gender: Unaltered Female Age: 3 years Height: Tall (for female) Weight: Average Breed: Doberman Pinscher Coat.

Raze's reference by on @DeviantArt

Medium quality reference commission +vignette background for of her character Raze! I really love painting wolves from photos so this was a treat.

Catty Combat

Catty Combat This is so totally me with my Ramses. and he's a mouthy black fuzzball, too.

Love the one with the duck sitting on the guy...

Saving the baby ducks…

Collab: On Our Way by Tazihound on DeviantArt

The second collaboration Ruechilla and I did together! Here are our two dires taking place in the Rite of Fortitude on a nice spring day. Rue did the amazing lines, BG, and shading, and I the.

Its a dog, no its a shark no its Puppy Shark! The AAWWWWW of the Deep - Imgur

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