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Aw, Taehyung caring for his family so much!! I love it!!

"My grandma loves me chubby, so I keep eating" - yeah that's my excuse too tbh i wish this kid was my son

Aww! cute V


Also that time they were given beer and V asked for strawberry juice instead hehe

Jin... is this the real translation...i haven't watched this yet

is this the real translation. Jin's dad jokes memes are just memes ;

*whispers to myself* He is eomma.. Don't get crush... Namjin is real... Swipe to next picture... Don't look in the eyes.. DON'T----  *ends up getting bias wrecked*

*whispers to myself* He is eomma. Namjin is real. DON'T---- *ends up getting bias wrecked*

Hahhaa.. maybe cos u said he got no jams lols. Rapmin babies

Lol but short people have to deal with being suffocated by taller people's backs lol

I love everything about him ♡ even if he wanna be a grape

Happy Stars Shine The Brightest -{ Maybeanothername }🖤×🖤